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Starter for 5: Greater Depth

Starter for 5: Greater Depth - Aidan Severs Consulting Ltd

1. Greater Depth: General Principles Of Challenge For Higher Prior Attaining Pupils

6 general principles to consider when thinking about how to challenge higher prior attaining pupils:

  1. More (and More Complex) Knowledge

  2. Provide Opportunities For Children To Demonstrate And Do Something With Their Knowledge

  3. Teach Masterclasses

  4. Remove Scaffolds and Support To Encourage Independence

  5. Communicate High Expectations

  6. Personalise The Challenge

2. Greater Depth: More Than Harder Tasks

"Of course, you can prepare some more difficult tasks for them - more difficult, that is, than the ones that other children will be tackling. But there is more to it than that... or at least, there should be.

When planning to meet the needs of children working at greater depth we might aim to do it by providing cognitive challenge and developing autonomy by ensuring that cognitive challenge is distinctive, embedded and consistent."

3. Challenge for All vs. Challenge for Children Working At Greater Depth

"Being challenged is pretty much how we learn. So yes, we want to ensure everyone is challenged.

Does everyone need to be challenged in the same way?

In a word, no.

This will all depend on what a child can already do, and already knows..."

4. What Does 'Greater Depth' Look Like In Primary Maths?

"At first, we might think that to be working at greater depth in maths children should be fluent in their mathematical ability, and that they should be able to solve problems and reason well. But that can't be it as the National Curriculum states that those are the aims for ALL pupils."

5. Whole Class Reading: Providing Challenge For Children Working At Greater Depth

"With whole class reading increasing in popularity, one of the most asked questions is around the issue of catering to the needs of all learners... what you do with the children in your class who are working at greater depth should very much depend on what their individual needs are, based on your assessment of them..."

Aidan has worked with severa schools on developing their teaching of children working at greater depth. If you'd like him to work with you and your organisation, you can use the contact details on this website to get in touch, or alternatively use the links below:

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