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Brand New SATs Arithmetic Practice Resource: Calculating with Fractions - Addition (+ Free Sample!)

I wrote about the need for assessment which really digs down deep into exactly what a child can and can't do in my post entitled 'Forensic Assessment'. In that blog post I wrote:

"You need to know what they can’t do, not only so you don’t try to teach them something that is too difficult, but so that you can teach them exact right thing that they do need to know."

Now I've written a new resource to help KS2 teachers get forensic with their assessment of the addition of fractions. More than that, the resource supports teachers and learners in the responsive teaching and learning that can and should follow a forensic assessment.

It's resource I wish I'd had as a teacher, and one that I actually started making when I was a teacher but have only just finished!

This resource breaks down the single objective of 'adding with fractions' into 35 bite-sized sub-objectives. In the list below you will also see where I have referenced past KS2 Test/SATs questions whcih link to the sub-objectives:

For each of these 35 objectives there is a one-pager containing a worked example, a written guide to completing the worked example and 8 practice questions. For some of these sub-objectives there are a great many steps, and it can be confusing for children to remember all of them - that's why I've really broken this down and carefully ensured that the practice questions exactly match the worked example and the sub-objective being focused on. Here's an example of one:

Each one-pager has an accompanying answer page:

In addition, there is an assessment, split into manageable parts, so that you can easily identify exactly which aspects of addition with fractions your children need to work on - this assessment is referenced to the sub-objective list so that you can easily select the one-pager each child needs.

This 84-page PDF is hyperlinked for ease of navigation - you can go to each one-pager or answer page in one click.

This resource is the first of two resources for calculating with fractions - the second will feature subtraction, multiplication and division.

You can download this resource here:

And there's a free sample too, covering the first 5 objectives:

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