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What is substantive knowledge?

Updated: Jun 10

What is substantive knowledge? - Aidan Severs Consulting

Here's a snippet from my longer blog post What Are All The Different Types Of Knowledge? (part 1):

Substantive - established facts
Christine Counsell, who has written the go-to explanation of substantive and disciplinary knowledge in her article 'Taking curriculum seriously', describes substantive knowledge as "the content that teachers teach as established fact".
OfSTED's Science review states that substantive knowledge is "knowledge of the products of science", from which we can extrapolate a more general definition of knowledge of the products of a discipline.

Examples of substantive knowledge:

  • The successful Roman invasion of Britain began in AD43.

  • The capital city of the UK is London.

  • Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light energy into oxygen and sugars.

  • A quaver is a musical note that last for half a beat.

  • Picasso was a cubist artist who produced abstract paintings of people and objects.

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What is substantive knowledge? - Aidan Severs Consulting Education Consultant

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