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Introducing The Subject Leaders Podcast

I'm proud to announce that my new CPD podcast for primary subject leaders, The Subject Leaders Podcast, is now available to stream on popular podcast services. If you want to get stuck in to it right away, use this link to find the relevant link to the podcast app that you use:

If you'd like to know a little more about it before diving in, read on:

Short episodes

Each podcast episode will be around 30 minutes long - something that can be listened to and completed during your commute, dog walk or exercise session.

Relevant information

Each episode will begin with the guest introducing themselves quickly, before answering and discussing 3 questions: 2 questions relating to subject leadership in general and 1 question related to the particular subject they lead meaning that The Subject Leaders Podcast is relevant to all subject leaders in primary schools whilst also provides some subject-specific advice.

Subject representation

Each season of the podcast will feature guests from the full range of subjects whilst covering a range of topics relating to subject leadership. These topics will be selected in such a way that each season covers a range of aspects, but also based on the expertise and practice of the chosen guests.

Ready to listen?

Becoming a guest

Do you have some great subject leadership practice to share? Would being a guest on this podcast be something you are interested in? If so, you can fill in this form and I will be in touch when I start planning season 2:


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