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Beyond Schools: Education Consultancy For Organisations

There are many organisations that can benefit from working with an education consultant to enhance their educational offerings:

Educational technology companies: An education consultant can help ed-tech companies understand how their products can be used in the classroom and ensure they align with educational standards and best practices.

Non-profit organisations: Education consultants can help not-for-profit organisations such as charities create educational programs and curriculums that align with their missions and goals.

Publishers: Education consultants can help publishers develop educational content that meets the needs of teachers and students.

Museums: An education consultant can help museums develop educational programs and resources that are engaging and interactive for visitors.

Businesses and professional organisations: An education consultant can help professional organizations develop educational resources and programs that meet the needs of their members.

After-school and in-school program providers: Education consultants can help after-school programs design educational activities and programs that are engaging and fun for students.

Entertainment providers: Education consultants can help entertainment providers such as animation and television studios and toys and games manufacturers to design and develop educational content that is entertaining and informative for viewers and users.

Working with an education consultant can benefit your business or organisations in several ways. I can help you to:

  • Develop educational programs and resources that align with best practices and educational standards.

  • Ensure your educational offerings are engaging and effective for students and learners.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your educational programs and resources.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for educators and staff.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest educational trends and research.

As an education consultant, I work with your business or organisation to meet your specific needs. I begin by conducting a needs assessment to determine your goals and objectives before working with you to develop and implement educational programs and resources that align with both your needs and goals and those of the product's end user. Throughout the process, I provide ongoing support and evaluation to ensure your educational offerings are effective and engaging for learners.

If you would like Aidan to work with your organisation, please use the contact details on this page or make a booking using the link below:





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