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Article Archive - Aidan Severs Consulting

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Here you can find a collected list of most of the articles I have written for other outlets, including TES, Teach Primary Magazine, HWRK Magazine, Third Space Learning, Bradford Research School and more. This archive will be updated as I write more. These articles should provide a good idea of the areas in which I can provide consultancy work.

Classroom Teaching

8 routines for teachers to nail before half-term

Your 10-point checklist for maximising learning time in lessons

Ditch the three-part lesson and remodel with these 8 things in mind

Lesson planning – Use sequence learning to save yourself time

What Should I Do If A Child Has Finished Their Work?

Staring At Snowflakes (Real Behaviour Management)

The Importance Of Modelling In The Primary Classroom


13 books to take pupils out of their comfort zone

The 9 essential components of a KS2 reading scheme

Six reasons why every primary school needs to embrace non-fiction

Five ways to make books with unfamiliar contexts accessible

Why teaching classic literature too early is a 'recipe for ruining great books' for children

Aesop’s fables – Books for topics KS2


Literacy: 3 things schools and parents should focus on

Sats: why etymology boosts vocabulary and spelling

8 Ways to use your Class Novel to Teach SPaG


Roll Up, Roll Up! - Probability With Dice

Why every primary should be using bar modelling – and six steps to make it a success

Understanding Maths Anxiety: How Parents and Teachers Can Support Children At Primary School

Ready To Progress? 9 Things You Should Know About The NCETM Mathematics Guidance As You Plan Your Curriculum Prioritisation

What NEW KS1 Assessment Frameworks Mean For KS2 [Maths]

KS2 SATs 2017 QLA: Target Year 6 Maths Revision for SATs

Bar Modelling Year 6 Multi-Step Word Problems for KS2 SATs

Why Maths KS2 SATs Interventions Shouldn’t Start in Year 6

We need to explicitly teach metacognition to boost maths skills

KS2 Maths Lesson Plan – Make Predictions Using Real-Time Statistics from the Football World Cup

Curriculum (Foundation Subjects)

7 ways to make art inspiring at primary

6 ways to get D&T right at primary

How I Would Teach… The Iterative Design Process


10 tips for successfully leading a subject

EEF Putting Evidence To Work Report [SLT Summary]

Assessment & Feedback

5 ideas for low-stakes assessment at primary

'You can't reduce a child to a spreadsheet number'

Why you might be getting feedback wrong! (parts 1 & 2)


'We do have to shine brightly for the students, but shine too brightly and we might burn out'

Why school leaders need your support now, too

Throw a spanner in the workload

'The fix for workload? Put ministers, school leaders, policy wonks, consultants and bloggers back in touch with the classroom'

Eleven ways to beat the January blues

Teacher wellbeing is vital - here's what we can do

Teacher Development

How a ‘balance bike’ approach to training will give us better teachers

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Primary to secondary transition: what matters to students most?

How to support Year 6 children in the last weeks of term

Nine quick wins to support Year 7 with transition

Transition to secondary: 7 questions to ask yourself

5 ways to make Year 6 transition easier this year

'Primary and secondary teachers need each other — and we need to start viewing each other in a more positive light'

KS2 SATs Preparation The Pro’s Way: 5 Step Easter Plan


New Ofsted Framework 2019: Revised Summary Post Consultation


Dear Year 6 Teacher: Your Final KS2 SATs Preparation Tips

Five things to do instead of Sats revision

The pre-Sats checklist: an eight-point guide to ensure you're ready

SATs Week: You’ve Got This! 5-step Game Plan

Eyes down, it's time for Sats reading test bingo

5 songs to play you out of Sats week

Five songs to get your after-Sats party started

After SATs Lessons: 5 Golden Rules for Year 6 Teachers

Sats: 'Year 6 teachers, on results day, there aren't enough words to say thank you'


Interview lessons: are they really a good measure of teaching ability?

Job hunting: How do you know if you're ready to move schools?

Teachers who just want to teach


Is it time for a new name for SEND?

5 remote teaching tips to help pupils and families

Could you survive without your phone?

'Year 1 should be like EYFS, not vice versa'

'Why we should balance out, not destroy, the pipe dreams of our students'

'Boys will be boys, won't they? Only if we let them be'

'Teachers love to take the mick out of themselves – but it demeans the profession'


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