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Aidan's Podcast Appearances

Jamie Thom's 'Beyond Survival' Podcast

Episode Nine: How can new teachers simplify their teaching for impact?

Jamie says "In this episode we explore the question: How can new teachers simplify their teaching for impact? In answering that central question we also explore:

1. How do teachers often over-complicate teaching?

2. What steps can new teachers take in planning to streamline lessons?

3. What can new teachers aim to simplify during the lesson itself?

4. How might this simplify philosophy apply to teachers managing their workload and work-life balance?

5. What other advice might you give new teachers at the start of their careers?"

Kieran Mackle's 'Thinking Deeply about Primary Education' Podcast

(S5,E3) Blogging, social media and subject leadership with Aidan Severs

Kieran says "This week it brings me tremendous pleasure to share today’s episode with you, an interview with the one and only Aidan Severs. During our chat we discuss Aidan’s blog writing process, the role social media plays in education, subject leadership and much, much more. Whether you're new to the profession or an experienced senior leader, you won't want to miss this one..."

Matt Roberts' 'Primary Education Voices' Podcast

Episode 45

Matt says "Join us for an episode of Primary Education Voices where we learn more from another inspirational Primary colleague. Today we sit down with Aidan Severs who talks brilliantly about Parkinson's Law, Clare Sealy's 3D Curriculum blog and what we do in the classroom."

Russell Pearson and Steve Easte's 'The Dynamic Deputies' Podcast

Effective and Efficient Teaching

Listening links can be found here:




Russell and Steve say "In this interview with experienced teacher and senior leader, Aidan Severs, we look at how our teaching can be effective, whilst also being efficient and manageable. With a particular focus on planning and managing our workload, this is must listen for both teachers and the leaders who have such an enormous influence over in-school policies."

Jamie Thom's 'The Well Teacher' Podcast

How to take control of your work-load balance

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Jamie says "One thing I know I have been notoriously bad at in my teaching career has been finding a balance. I have always struggled with switching off from the all-consuming nature of teaching, and in proactively managing work demands.

This week’s episode is for anyone else who has struggled with this perfectionism strand that haunts so many teachers. Aidan Severs, who writes the very popular blog has made teacher wellbeing one of his major focusses as a deputy head, his work with other schools, and in his writing. 

In this episode we unpick how to step away from technology and become a digital minimalist, we explore how minimalism could be applied to teaching in general, examine what it takes to say no and push back on the demands of teaching and discover why Aidan will no longer be teaching lessons dressed as an elephant. 

If that isn’t a reason to listen, I don’t know what is! It is an episode packed full of practical and easy to implement tips, I hope you find it helpful."

TJ Juttla's 'The Teachers' Point of View' Podcast

Should we return back to an Education system that existed before the Pandemic?




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