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S1 E4: Contextualising Curriculum, Implementation & Teaching Primary History with Vinay Verma

Updated: May 16, 2023

The Subject Leaders Podcast from Aidan Severs Consulting Ltd S1 E4: Contextualising Curriculum, Implementation and Teaching Strategies for Primary History with Vinay Verma

In the fourth episode of The Subject Leaders Podcast we talk to Vinay Verma, an early career teacher and primary history leader.

In this episode Vinay and Aidan explore how subject leaders might go about contextualising a school's curriculum in any subject and how to be sensitive to the needs of the school when implementing change. Vinay also shares teaching strategies for teaching the primary history curriculum, answering these three questions:

  • How can subject leaders make sure that their subject’s curriculum serves their school’s context?

  • How can subject leaders take their school’s context into account when planning to make changes to the way things are done?

  • Which teaching strategies (pedagogies) have you applied to the teaching of history in your setting?

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