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**UPDATE** Single PowerPoints now available separately:


English Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation:


English Reading:


Maths Arithmetic:


Maths Reasoning:


Contained within are 4 brilliantly-funny PowerPoints which are packed full of absolute gems of wisdom regarding the KS2 SATS (oh, and emojis). The presentations pick up on all the usual mistakes that children make whilst completing the tests and provide light-hearted reminders about how not to make those mistakes.


You can try-before-you-buy by grabbing a free download before you buy the full PowerPoints:


The PowerPoints contain essential information to ensure that children access the tests well. The advice given is less around the subjects themselves, and more about test technique.


I would advise that children see these BEFORE the morning of the real SATS - you don't want them just sitting and laughing at the pure comedy for 45 minutes instead of doing the tests.


DISCLAIMER: Whilst giving super-important advice, these presentations could be a little distracting (although, the aim is that they distract from the stress and allow teachers and children to feel a little more light-hearted).

PowerPoints To Introduce The 2024 KS2 SATS

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