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Here's a sample of the PowerPoints To Introduce the 2022 KS2 Tests. The PowerPoints are full-on hilarious and contain bare emojis. See for yourself by grabbing this free download before you buy the full PowerPoints which can be found here: More importantly, they contain essential information to ensure that children access the tests well. The advice given is less around the subjects themselves, and more about test technique. I would advise that children see these BEFORE the morning of the real SATS - you don't want them just sitting and laughing at the pure comedy for 45 minutes instead of doing the tests. DISCLAIMER: Whilst giving super-important advice, these presentations could be a little distracting (although, the aim is that they distract from the stress and allow teachers and children to feel a little more light-hearted). Anyway, grab the free download which contains a few sample slides from each presentation, and then head over to to pick up the full versions here:

Sample of PowerPoints To Introduce The 2023 KS2 SATS

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