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These 3 templates will guide both teachers and children in their study of artists, artworks and artistic movements.


Once an artist, artwork or artistic movement has been selected for study, the relevant template provides prompts for the discovery of the necessary information, enabling teachers and children to learn about the most important aspects of either the artist, artwork or artistic movement.


As well as focusing on learning about the artist, artwork or movement, there is also an opportunity for children to reflect on what they have learned and to explain what they like about the artist/artwork/movement and how they and their own work have been inspired.


Children could be given a blank template to populate through their own research or they could be provided with a fully completed profile to read and learn from. Alternatively, children could be provided with some of the information and expected to populate other parts of the template.


Also included in this download of a Windows Publisher file is a completed example of an artist profile (Claude Monet) and alternative versions of both the artwork and movement profiles providing space for either a portrait or landscape image.

Artist, Artwork and Artistic Movement Profile Templates

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